Monday, April 29, 2013

Chanel Eastern Light

Hi! today I have a new Chanel Polish to show you. Eastern Light is a limited edition shades that was released with Eastern Lights to celebrate the opening of a new store in Hong Kong. I was really happy that I could find it here in New York too. As fas as I know, they are sold only at boutique counters, so if you could find other LE at your Chanel, these shades are there (or were?) too!

Eastern Lights is a white creme polish. Yes, that's it. But man, what a great white!! It has some blue undertones or I don't know, some Chanel special magic, because it looks great! I used two coats for the pictures and I didn't used top coat.

 I know "it's just a white creme", but I love it! I love white polishes and you say Chanel + Limited Edition + white = must have LOL!!

The only thing I hated was the price, $30 because is a limited edition... *le sigh*....
What do you think? Thank you for reading!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Colores de Carol Blooming Garden Collection part 2

*product provided for review*

Hi! Today I have the second part of Colors de Carol Spring collection for you!

Anemone has purple holographic squares and white glitter in a clear base. I used it over Misa Lime Love (great shade by the way!) and I loved the contrast!

Rainbow Garden is a multicolor glitter in a clear base. It has mostly hexagonal glitter, but you can find hearts and diamonds too! I have a lot of rainbow glitters but this one is really great, the colors are super bright and I  only needed one coat the get a nice amount of glitter on the nails. I used it over Essie In the Cab-Ana, new favorite shade for summer! I'm using it on my toes right now :-)

 Peony is a white jelly with different shapes of white and pastel glitters. It has white bars, you know I'm not a fan LOL, but in this case they're very subtle and the effect is really nice. I used three coats, you can still see some VNL in the pictures, but it looked more opaque in real life. I wore it over whit too and it looks great too, but I wanted to show it alone.

Overall, I think it's a great collection! All the colors have nice formulas, of course you have to wait a little between coats and they're a little sheer, as all the milky jelly glitters are. I prefer to use them on their own as jellies, but if you don't like any VNL you can always layer them over white. The clear based top coats are super fan and unique too... Very difficult to pick a favorite... I think Rainbow Garden!! Surprised? I didn't pick a white based!! 

Carolina is now having a promo for the weekend (4/28/2013), buying 2 full sizes you get 2 minis of your choice. You just have to put on the comments the names of the ones you'd like at checkout!  For more details go to her facebook page, she's always having great promos for her followers and of course, great swatches and nail art!!!
You can also find Carolina on Twitter and IG @coloresdecarol and her blog at
Don't forget you have a 10% coupon without expiration too, just use code POLISHLAND at checkout!!!
So, which ones are your picks?? Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Colores de Carol Blooming Garden Collection Part 1

*samples provided for review*
 Hi!! I know I've been super MIA lately... I'm sorry!!! My nails keep breaking and also life ... and well here I am again with some pretties to show you! 
I have for you today the first part of Colores de Carol's Spring collection to show you! Four beautiful polishes, soft but fun at the same time. 

Butterfly Blush is a white jelly shimmery base with teal and black square and hexagonal glitter . I used two coats over white (Chanel Eastern Light). The shimmer is really beautiful and doesn't look frosty at all. Teal glitter? Yes please!!!

Carnation is a white jelly based with all kind of red glitter. I used three coats alone but you can layer it over white. The finish was super glossy and smooth!

Daffodil is a white jelly base with yellow squares and green hexagonal glitter. I found this one a little sheerer than the others, so I decided to layer an accent nail over yellow. I used Sation Lemon Pearl and a white creme for the rest. I loved it over yellow!!!

Darling Wildflower is a white jelly base with hearts, stars, black bars and multicolor matte glitter. I used three  coats alone. You have to wait a little more between coats with this one because of the larger glitter.

What do you think about these first four? If you tried White Owl Lacquers last polishes (aka mine LOL) and you liked the new formula, you will love Carolina's formula too, because we're using the same suspension base supplier (actually I copied her haha). This new suspension has no sinking glitter problems, so not shaking like a mad woman needed ;-)

You can find Colores de Carol polishes at her store HERE and remember to use my code POLISHLAND at checkout to get 10% off on any order!
Make sure you're following Carolina on instagram and twitter  @coloresdecarol and of course her blog at !!

And last news! She also has a promotion running until Sunday 14th April, free domestic shipping using code SPRINGSALE when you buy three or more polishes. You can't combine both codes, so you have to check which one works better for you. And btw my code doesn't expire :-)
I hope you liked them and I'll be back soon with three more!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 1, 2013

White Owl Lacquers Lucky Star & Clover Fields

Hi! Today I have two new shades joining the White Owl Lacquers family! They are St. Patrick's inspired so you are going to see a lot of green!
By the way, say hello to the new bottle! How cute is the owl label? I have to thank for the beautiful design to Sam aka Fashion Polish who surprised me with this wonderful gift! Coming in a difficult personal moment, I value her generosity even more! I know she's super busy, I'm so touched that she spent some of her little free time doing this beauty for me, not even knowing if I was going to use it... but of course I LOVE IT!!!!

Lucky Star has a different sizes and shapes of green glitter, pastel stars (in aqua, pink and lilac) in a white jelly base. I used three coats alone, but if you prefer more coverage you can layer it over white!

Clover Fields at first glance looks like a Lucky Star but in clear base... but it's not!! It has green glitter, it has matte pastel stars... but it also has silver, hot pink and pastel matte glitter! I couldn't decide which base color to use for the swatches, so I did some skittles! The base colors are from L to R: Sprog, Fiver, Jasper & Kerkuffle (all from Butter London).

And of course I had to try a jelly sandwich! I added one coat of OPI Funny Bunny to the previous mani

 I hope you like them! They're now available at the store for $9 each full size or if you prefer to try them, $9 the set of minis.
I'm only shipping to US for now, as you may know, USPS fees for international shipping are crazy high!
I still owe you the swatches of the Valentine collection I know!!! I'm trying to getting back to normal, at least post twice a week :-(
Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Colores de Carol new shades! Blueberry Mango Sorbet, Inner Princess and Blizzard

Hi! I'm here again to share more of Carolina's creations with you! I have another collection (Girls Night Out), but I swatched with my left hand and all the pics looks so awkward!! Now that my nails of the swatching hand grew a little, I will re-swatch them!!
But now let's see this three beautiful new colors!

Blizzard has silver and gold glitter in a jelly white base. I used only one coat over Sation Strumming my Nails (one coater!!). I wanted a subtle effect, but you can get full opacity and more glitter with two medium coats. Some of the gold glitter is round!!!

Inner Princess has a mix of pastel glitter and small aqua stars in a white jelly base. Again, I used only one coat over white, the glitter pay off was great as you can see and bonus: no fishing for the stars was necessary!!

Blueberry Mango Sorbet has a very original mix of small periwinkle hexagons and orange squares in a nude/yellow jelly base. I used one coat over OPI My Vampire is a Buff (from the Eurocentrale collection).

I'm loving these colors!!! My favorite is Blizzard... which one is yours?
You can find Colores de Carol nail polishes at for $9 each full size. But she was so kind to offer me a code to share with you!! You can use POLISHLAND at checkout for a 10% off!!
Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Colores de Carol first nail polish collection!

I know, I haven't posted in so long!!!! The store and life had me busy all day... but today I have a very exciting collection to show you!
My dear and talented friend Carolina from Colores de Carol has released her first nail polish collection! If you follow Carolina and are familiar with her nail art, you already know she has really good taste combining colors... she translated her talent to her collection and the result was six beautiful shades.
Let's see them!

Hero in Disguise is a light gray jelly with yellow and red matte glitter and black stars. How original is this combo? And it looks so nice and even delicate on the nails... I used three coats for the pictures and top coat.

It's Raining Hearts has big matte red, pink and white hearts, pink microglitter and red dots in a shimmery clear base. I had to fish the hearts a little (like all the polishes with big glitters I have), so I can't say a number of coats... I applied one coat and then a fish some hearts until I was happy with the result! I used it over skittles so you can see different combinations! From left to right: Jo' Mina, Cameo, Noble, Nomad (all from Illamasqua)

Wet Paint is a super fun top coat with black matte glitter, white, light blue and pink matte squares in a clear base. It also has multicolor microglitter! I used two coats over Chanel April for the pictures

Best Polish Friends Forever (BPFF) is a beautiful light blue jelly with white, blue, light blue and fuchsia glitters in different shapes and sizes. I used three coats alone but of course you can wear it over a matching opaque creme if you don't want any visible nail line. I think it looks very delicate and pretty on its own!

I Smell Spring is a light pastel yellow jelly with multicolor glitters. The base color is like Illamasqua Load, and it was my favorite!!! I used three coats alone for the pictures and I LOVED IT!

Cupcake Fantasy is a very very pale pink/lavender jelly with different multicolor small glitters. I need to apologize for this pictures, I swatched all the previous five, then I had to go to pick my kid up from daycare... and I broke a nail in my way back!! Tragedy!!!! So I filed them all down and this picture are with super short nail :-( Sorry for that, I will reswatch it when my nail grow again booo

Overall, I'm very happy with this new collection, the colors are soft but fun and some are even a little edgy!
You can find all her creations at and she will be releasing a new collection on February 9th!!! You can follow Carolina on twitter and instagram to have all the updates @coloresdecarol and also her FB page

Congratulations Carolina for this first great collection!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cirque Colors Cape Liz and XX

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a great start.... mine was at home, watching Harry Potter with my husband hahaha!!
Today I have my first Cirque polishes to show you. Cirque is a brand made in New York by Annie, whom I had the pleasure to meet. Her colors are sophisticated and the packaging is very professional. I love her brand and she's super sweet and a great inspiration for a new polish maker like me. My goal is that my brand can be in the future as flawless as hers, each in their different style!!
Well enough chatting, let's see the pretties!
I picked Cape Liz and XX at a local fair and it was a tough choice, having all her collection together to see in real life!

 Cape Liz is a dark gray with very strong blue undertones, almost a light blue in some lighting. It has a beautiful iridescent shimmer and a jelly-like formula. I used three coats for the pictures below.

XX (twenty) is de ultimate pastel rainbow glitter. Seriously, a must have. It's super shiny because the glitter is also holographic, but the soft colors make it look soft at the same time. LOVE. I use one coat over Cape Liz.

You know me, I have a jelly and a glitter and I just have to try a glitter sandwich! In this case I finished with another coat of Cape Liz. A very thin coat, because Cape Liz is not that sheer. I absolutely loved the result!!! What a great combo! Now I need to try XX with all my jellies!!!  I wore it as a full mani but I added a coat of YSL Premiere neige too. Of course I forgot to take pictures of that :-(

I'm very happy with my choices! High quality hand mixed nail polish, from the packaging, the colors to the formula.... excellent!
A little note about the polishes: they're slightly scented. They have lavender oil in their formula, but is very subtle. I don't like lavender and it gives me headaches, but it was ok for me.
You can get Cirque at their website here and n different international retailers like Mei Mei Signature (Singapore) and Pshiit Boutique (France).
The regular colors are $13 and the holos $15
If you live in the New York area or are planning a visit, check Cirque FB page because maybe you're lucky and can find her at a local fair!!! Excellent to see all the colors, meet Annie and don't pay shipping LOL!
Do you have any Cirque? Any one you're dying to get?? Thanks for reading!!