Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quick post with OPI Ulta exclusives dupes

I went today to Ulta because I saw in the weekly add that they were releasing 12 new shades (2x$12)... but I think they are ALL dupes of previous collections!!
I think these are the dupes, if you think any of them is wrong, please leave me a comment! I saw them in the store and I didn't buy any... So I couldn't compare them side by side (only Guy meets Galveston that was in the store too). Use this list only as a guide. I will update the names if you tell me any of them is different or if I see swatches later!

Meet me at the Bonfire = Guy meets Galveston (Texas) Coral, jelly

Your Palapa or mine? = Don't mess with OPI (Texas) Green, Creme

Oh, Waiter! = Skull & Glossbones (Pirates of the Caribbean) Light Grey, Creme

Where's my Bikini top? = Stranger Tides (Pirates of the Caribbean) Light grey-green, creme

Passport and a smile = Sparrow me the Drama (Pirates of the Caribbean) Pink, creme

Talk about an Upgrade! = Planks a Lot (Pirates of the Caribbean) Purple, creme

First names only = Steady as She Rose (Pirates of the Caribbean) Light pink/Lilac, creme

Do my back please? = Mermaid's Tears (Pirates of the Caribbean) Light Green, creme

In a Flirtationship = Excuse Moi (Muppets) Pink, Glitter. UPDATED Thanks reader Kelly!!!

He's my Surfer Instructor = Last Friday Night (Katy Perry) Blue, Glitter

See you next Summer = Not like the movies (katy Perry) Grey Duochrome (Green, violet), Metalllic.

No time for postcards = (?) The one that got away (Katy Perry) or Pepe's Purple Passion (The Muppets)  Dark Fuchsia, golden shimmer. Not sure!

In the offer you could buy also some shatters (please don't lol)

I hope it helps! Please let me know in the comments if you think anything is mistaken!! I just saw them today! And don't forget to enter my OPI Black Spotted Giveaway!! ;-)


  1. Thanks for this post. How disappointing. :( I might still pick up the blue and meet me at the bonfire and do my back please cuz I don't have their dupes. I might also grab oh waiter as a backup for s&Gb but this is so frustrating!! Remember a couple years back when they had I lily love you and sparkle teal sunrise?? They were so pretty!

  2. I don't know what happened with intense debate that it just dissapeared from the blog and erased all the comments :-(((( I'm so sorry!
    I updated the post with the suggestions and now I will try to fix the comments or copy and paste the comments lost :-(

  3. I think No Time For Postcards is a different Muppet shade (perhaps Meep Meep), or maybe even The Show Must Go On? The bottle I picked up was a lot more pinkish toned than fuchsia, but there was a lot of strong golden shimmer as you said. Thank you for listing all the other ones! I was trying to figure out the green one :D

    1. Thanks Emma! I wasn't sure about that and when I came back to my Ulta to take some pictures, they weare almost all sold out! I could take a picture of the green one with on't mees with OPI and they are 100% sure dupes!

    2. I just saw a post comparing it with The one that got away and one of the burlesque collection with pictures! I'll update the post with the link!

  4. Actually, I think you have 2 reversed. I think Oh, Waiter = Stranger Tides & Where's My Bikini Top = Skull & Glossbones.

    Also, No Time For Postcards *might* be Congeniality Is My Middle Name from Miss Universe if it is not The One That Got Away. I do not think it is Pepe's Purple Passion (based only on swatches I've seen).

    Thanks for doing this. Yours is the only blog I've seen with an actual list, which is very helpful!! (others just say, oh, they're dupes, but they don't say which ones!)

  5. You don't have to guess ladies. If you look at the bottom of the bottles, you see a colour code. Even if OPI repromotes the colours with a different name, it is still the same colour code. I checked with all Halloween renamed polishes from the past years. If you don't have the original to compare it to, you can check the OPI website. The page with the hand on which you can try the colours, lists the colour code of the selected colour as well. Good luck!

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