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Urban Outfitters Dust & Sea Dust... Deborah Lippmann's dupes?

Hi! I had a very unsuccessful sale shopping day on Friday, those days when nothing fits, all the good things are gone, you know: bad mood and disappointment LOL! But when  I was in Urbann Outfitters, I saw their nail polishes and of course I had to look... Two of them immediately caught my eye, let me show you why!
Hola! El viernes tuve una tarde de fracaso total en mis compras de liquidación jaja, esos días donde no encuentran nada bueno y lo que les gusta no queda talle... En fin, estaba en Urban Outfitters y vi los esmaltes, así que obviamente me tuve que acercar a revolver... Y dos de ellos en seguida me llamaron la atención, ahora van a ver por qué!


Dust & Sea Dust 

Dust is a silver glitter in a sightly tinted jelly grey base. Of course it made me think of Deborah Lippmann Today Was a Fairytale. I swatched them together to make a quick comparison.
Dust es un glitter plateado en una base jelly ligeramente teñida de gris. Por supuesto me recordó a Today Was a Fairytale de Deborah Lippman. Los probé juntos para ver si eran iguales. 

Dust & Today was a Fairytale

 L to R: Dust, Today was a Fairytale. The large gitter in Dust is a little curled and you can see in the reflection. In TWAF they stay flat on the nail. The small glitter in Dust is more grey than silver.
De I a D : Dust, Today was a Fairytale. El glitter grande de Dust está un poco arqueado como pueden ver por el reflejo. El glitter chiquito en Dust es más gris que el plateado brillante de TWAF. 


Today Was a Fairytale

As you can see, the idea of both polishes is exactly the same, but the quality is different. The glitter in Dust is not perfectly flat and the microglitter is not as bright and silver as the one in TWAF (which is one of the special polishes that has virgin diamond powder in it).
Como pueden ver, la idea de los dos es la misma, pero la calidad es diferente. El glitter en Dust no queda perfectamente chato sobre la uña y el microglitter es más gris que el plateado de TWAF.

Sea Dust was the most amazing find, because it could be a dupe of Mermaid's Dream, one of the best Deborah Lippmann's ever IMHO!! From the first time I saw MD I knew dupes were coming for sure! As far as I know, this is the first attempt. Let's see if they succeeded...
Sea Dust fue el mejor descubrimiento porque podría ser un dupe de Mermaid's Dream, en mi opinión un de los mejores Deborah Lippmann! Desde la primerva vez que vi Mermaid's Dream supe que iban a aparecer copias, y hasta donde yo se, esta es la primera. Vamos a ver si lo consiguieron!

One coat over white, from L to R: Sea Dust, Mermaid's Dream. 
Una capa sobre blanco, de I a D: Sea Dust, Mermaid's Dream.

Three coats of Sea Dust, two coats of Mermaid's Dream, both over white. 
Tres capas de Sea Dust, dos capas de Mermaid's Dream (sobre blanco)

One coat over black. Sea Dust, Mermaid's Dream
Una capa sobre negro, Sea Dust, Mermaid's Dream

Mermaid's Dream

Sea Dust

They are pretty close, but I can point some differences: MD has a finer microglitter with a duochrome blue/green reflection. It has fine gold microglitter (that you can see in the bottle shot). Is more opaque and smooth (only needed two coats instead of the three of SD) and has more of the bigger blue glitter.
With three coats of SD you get a very similar look, but see the difference in texture in the last picture where I used one coat over a black.
Son parecidos, pero puedo encontrar algunas diferencias: MD tiene un microglitter más fino y con un efecto duocromo azul/verdoso. También tiene algo de microglitter dorado que pueden ver en la foto de la botellita. Es más opaco y parejo, necesité sólo dos capas, contra tres de SD. También tiene más del glitter meas grande azul. Con tres capas de SD el efecto es bastante similar, pero miren la diferencia de textura que tienen, que se puede ver bien en la segunda foto donde usé una capa sobre negro. 

They are not exact dupes, but close enough for the muggle eye. Deborah Lippmann's polishes retail for $18-$20 and Urban Outfitters are 2x$8 or $5 each.
I think every time a high end brand makes a different and original polish, less expensive brands are going to copy it. How many Happy Birthday and Peridot dupes have we seen so far??
I understand that there is a place in the market for them and many people can't afford the original or just don't want to spend that much money in a nail polish, having cheaper options. In this particular case, I think there's a real difference in quality though.
No son dupes exactos pero son bastante cercanos para el ojo muggle. Estos esmaltes DL salen u$s 18-20 cada uno, mientras que lo UO están 2x$8 o $5 cada uno. 
Creo que es inevitable que cada vez que una marca de "lujo" saca un esmalte original y único, las marcas más baratas lo copien. Cuántos dupes de Happy Birthday y Peridot vimos ya? 
Entiendo que llegan a un nicho del mercado que no puede pagar precios tan altos o simplemente no cree que valga la pena comprar el original habiendo opciones más baratas. En este caso, yo veo una diferencia en la calidad de los productos. 

What do you think? Are you going to try to find the Urban Outfitters versions or do you think that the originals are worth the price?
If you want to see my original post of Mermaid's Dream, it's here
And don't forget to enter my OPI Black Spotted giveaway!!
Thanks for reading! And special thanks to Carolina from Colores de Carol, I bought these polishes for her and she kindly let me open them to make this comparison for my readers... I can't wait to see her gorgeous designs with them!
Qué les parecen? Van a buscar estas opciones de UO o les parece que los originales valen la diferencia de precio? 
Si quieren ver mi post completo de Mermaid's Dream, esta aca
No se olviden de entrar a mi giveaway de un OPI Black Spotted! Gracias por pasar y super gracias especiales para Carolina de Colores de Carol, compré estos esmaltes para ella y fue super amable de dejarme abrirlos y probarlos par hacer esta comparación para mis lectoras... no se pierdan pronto los hermosos diseños que va a hacer usandolos!!


  1. I hate to see the glitter already having issues! That makes me not want to buy them for fear of cheaply used products.

    1. I Think Sea Dust it's OK, but you're right about the other one, you really can see the difference in the pictures!!

  2. What were the prices on these? Because they are close, but no cigar and I'd rather have the originals. I never picked up Mermaid's Dream but I still want a bottle.

    And I feel ya on bad shopping days, I hate it when that happens!

    1. They retail $5 each or 2x$8... I Think Mermaid's Dream it's really special if you are ok paying $18!!

  3. Actually I like Sea Dust much more! I'd buy it, but it's more difficult to get(

    1. maybe somebody can get one for you and ship it to you?

  4. Cool! Lovin' the dupes of Deborah Lippmann. I now want to see where there's an American Outfitters in my area.

    1. LOL Urban Outfitters, I mixed names in all my post! Sorry haha

  5. You mean Urban Outfitters, right? You listed American throughout.

    1. OMG LMAO!! And nobody saw it!! Hahaha I think I don't have to write post late at night!

  6. Cada vez me gusta más Deborah Lippmann... y Mermaids dream es precioso...
    son casi idénticos!
    muy buena comparación :)

  7. Excelente comparación amiga!

  8. Buenísima la comparacion! Un super post!!!
    Tenes razon en algo... se nota la diferencia en la calidad mas que en ningún otro lado... igual esta dirigido a distintos sectores del mercado, hay quienes ni locos pagan 20$ un esmalte... asi como quienes no compran esmaltes baratos... :)

  9. I was dying to find these! I found "Dust" (and passed) but all of the "Sea Dusts" had been snagged at both UO I went to. I decided to keep the hunt to just those two trips so I probably won't be trying again. I'm so glad you compared and posted about it! (Gives me a little fix and I'll direct people to your post)

    I can see definitely see differences in the two but I know there are a ton of people out there that have been waiting a long time for a dupe as close as this.

    I wonder who the next polish company will be... (if there will be one? I think it's kind of exciting)

  10. I couldn't capture it in any good pics, but I thought the silver glitter in Dust was a bit more blue-leaning than the silver glitter in TWAFT.


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