Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chanel Sky Line

Hi! I have today a very anticipated polish from Chanel. Sky Line first pictures came out in February with the Spring-Summer 2012 Haute Couture Collection Show. I wanted it since I saw the pics, but then it came out and it was not exactly what I expected. It looked a little frosty and grandma-ish for my taste. But then, I saw it at the Chanel Studio at Bloomingdale's... and I couldn't resist!!!
I used two coats with Deborah Lippman Hard Rock base coat and Poshé top coat. (sorry for my broken nail, it keeps breaking and breaking)
Hola! Hoy tengo un esmalte muy anticipado de Cahnel. Las primeras imágenes de Sky Line salieron en Febrero con el desfile de alta costura de la colección Primavera-Verano 2012. Lo quise desde que lo vi, pero hace poquito salió y por las fotos que vi, no era lo que esperaba. Parecía un poco frost y de abuela para mi gusto. Pero bueno, lo vi en el Chanel Studio de Bloomingdale's y no me pude resistir!
Las fotos son usando la base de Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock, dos capas de Sky Line y top coat Poshé. (perdón por mi uña rota)

The formula was a little difficult due to the visible brush strokes. When I used it the first time it was a nightmare! Then, I waited a little more between coats and it was much better. It's the kind of polish that will show every imperfection, so I would recommend to buff your nails a little before if they're not perfectly smooth. 
The color is beautiful, it's a silver light periwinkle, if that makes any sense haha! In the bottle shots, you can see a little of purple pigment, but it's not a duochrome. 
So what do you think? My husband hated it and said it reminded him of an old aunt O_o!!! I know it's a little brush strokey, but not the frosty type. I mean, it's not that visible in real life! But sure, the price is high, $30 + tax for being a Limited Edition. Have you tried it? Are you passing on this or are you going to get it? Thanks for reading!!
PS, I'm very very close to 500 followers! YAY I'm so happy! I have planned a great giveaway for that milestone!!! 

La fórmula me resultó un poco dificil por las pinceladas que quedaban marcadas. Cuando lo usé la primera vez fue una pesadilla. Después dejé secar un poco más de tiempo entre capas y me resultó mucho mejor. Es el tipo de esmalte que va a mostrar todas las imperfecciones que puedan tener en las uñas, así que les reomiendo que las pulan un poco si no las tienen perfectamente lisas. 
El color me parece hermoso, es un plateado-celeste-lavanda si se entiende lo que quiero decir jajaj!! En las fotos de las botellitas se ve un poco de pigmento violeta, pero no es duocromo. 
Bueno ustedes qué piensan? Mi marido lo odió, me dijo que le recordaba a una tía abuela vieja!! Que horror! Sé que muestra un poco de pinceladas, pero no es de esos frost de vieja. Y no se ven tanto en persona! Si tengo que reconocer que el precio es alto, $30+ tax por ser una edición limitada. Lo probaron? Van a comprarlo o pasan? POLEMICO!!! Gracias por leerme!!
PD: vieron que cerquita estoy de las 500 seguidoras? Tengo planeado un giveaway buenísimo para festejar cuando lleguemos!


  1. Holy cowabunga dude. $30.00?! Will definitely be passing. I am not a fan of this finish. Like you said, it will show every imperfection. That being said, it is a really pretty color on you and I would totally buy it if it didn't break my polish budget for the next few months.

  2. This color is just perfect! I loved it since the moment I saw it. I do not mind the brush strokes since in person it shines big time and that is really what captivates the eye. I have "Lilac Sky" and it is also amazing. Well, I must admit I'm pretty fan of Chanel and even though it's a expensive brand their collections are really unique. They worth every dollar. Paula.


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