Sunday, December 30, 2012

Emily de Molly Harmony and Ego Friendly

Hi! As you can imagine, I've been super busy with the store opening.... I'm so happy people actually like my polishes hahah!!
Hola! Como se podrán imaginar, estuve super ocupada con la apertura del negocio... Estoy tan contenta de que les hayan gustado mis esmaltes!! 

But back to blogging, I finally could get two Emily de Molly! As a matter of fact, I got three, but The Fifth Element was oversold so it didn't come with the order. Nice surprise, right? It was restocked again last week so I hope they sent it to me this time.
Today I have two beautiful pastels to share with you: Harmony and Ego Friendly
Volviendo al blog, finalmente pude conseguir dos esmaltes Emily de Molly. En realidad conseguí tres, pero The Fifth Element lo sobrevendieron así que cuando me llegaron los otros ese no estabab. Si, linda sorpresa! Volvió a estar en stock la semana pasada, así que espero que me lo hayan mandado esta vez. 
Los que tengo hoy son dos hermosos pasteles: Harmony y Ego Friendly. 

Harmony is a very light lilac with gray undertones, with purple, lilac, turquoise and white glitter. The formula was really good and I did three thin coats, I'm sure it would be ok with two medium also.
Harmony es un lila muy clarito que tira un pco al gris. Tiene glitter lila, blanco y turquesa. La fórmula me resultó muy buena y usé tres capas muy finitas para las fotos, pero con dos normales estoy segura de que también quedaría bien. 

Ego Friendly was a nice surprise, in Llarowe's picture it looked light blue, but actually is a light pastel turquoise.... you know how I feel about turquoise aka my obsession LOL! Total win! It has turquoise, light aqua and lilac glitter. The formula was a little thick and more difficult than Harmony. Finally I added a little thinner and it was perfect. Again, I did three coats, but I think these one really needs the three.
Ego Friendly fue una agradable sorpresa, en las fotos de Llarowe parecía celeste, pero cuando llegó resultó ser un turquesa clarito... ustedes ya saben que son mi obsesión! Tiene glitter turquesa, verde agua clarito y lilas. La fórmula me resultó un poco espesa y más dificil de manejar, pero finalmente le agregué unas gotitas de diluyente y problema resuelto. Usé tres capas y en este caso creo que si son necesarias. 

What do you think? I'm loving them and I can't wait to have The Fifth Element too!
Emily de Molly nail polishes are made in Australia and as far as I know, the only way to get internationally is at Llarowe. Be ready for major cart-jacking though!! I hope they become easier to get because it's a great brand! Could you score any? do you have some on your wish list?
Thanks for reading!
Qué les parecen? A mi me encantaron y quiero que me llegue The Fifth Element ya! 
Los esmaltes Emily de Molly son australianos y hasta donde yo se, la única forma de conseguirlos internacionalmente es a traves de Llarowe. Espero que sean más fáciles de conseguir en el futuro porque los esmaltes son lindísimos!! Ustedes pudieron conseguir alguno? O tienen en su wishlist? 
Gracias por pasar! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

White Owl Lacquers Phoenix Tears and Basilisk Venom... together!

Hi! First of all I want to thank you for all your comments... so many nice words I almost cried!!! I don't want to sound cheesy, but they meant a lot to me and I will thank you forever for being so kind with my first steps as a polish maker.
But now... back to the polishes! I was thinking about using the black and white together in the same nail, expecting a "subtle" result... I couldn't be more mistaken!! I let you judge it by yourselves!
I use one coat of Phoenix tears first and Basilisk Venom on top. The base colors are Kiko (from L to R): 360, 293, 385 and 343.

Out of focus so you can see the aqua and copper shimmer of both polishes  

And just a quick look to Phoenix Tears before adding Basilisk Venom...

 And the Kikos alone...

I hope you liked them! My favorite was the blue one!
The shop is open at full sizes are $9 and the set of complete collection (minis 5ml) is $27.
Thank you for reading!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Introducing White Owl Lacquers' first collection: After All This Time

Hello my friends! Today I have the most exciting post I've ever written, because I'm going to show you a new indie brands, which happens to be.... MINE!!!
I've been working for a lot of months and finally I'm ready to show you White Owl Lacquers' first collection called "After All This Time"
This was a dream that started with Carolina from but unfortunately we don't live in the same city, so it was very difficult to work together. Caroline continued helping me and giving me her support and I'm blessed to have her as my friend.
But let's see the colors!

"After All This Time" was inspired by the world of Harry Potter. Some loves and hurts can defeat time, and will be a part of us ALWAYS. (I hope you all know the quote but if not, I'm sharing a little video so you can cry with me)

The collection is formed by six shades, three glitter top coats in clear base and three jellies than can we used alone or over a base color. All the pics after the read more button!

Collage courtesy of

The top coats

Basilisk Venom inspired by the king of snakes, is a mix of different sizes and shapes of black glitter, some red, yellow, orange and copper,  all in a clear base with copper shimmer.
I layered it over different colors to show you today

Over Chanel Malice

Over Essie Pennie Talk

Over white

Over silver

Phoenix Tears inspired by Fawkes, their magical powers can heal any wound (even with Basilisk venom!)... is a mix of white snowy glitter, a touch of blue, green and purple glitter in a clear base with aqua shimmer.
I layered it over light and dark colors so you can see the different effect.

Over Deborah Lippman Let's Hear It for the Boy

Over Lime Crime Skittles

Over Chanel Blue Rebel

Moony inspired by werewolf professor Lupin to give extra protection in full moon nights, is a super sparkly mix of silver, gunmetal and black glitter in different sizes and shapes. You can use a very thin coat for a subtle look or two medium coats to bring all the shine. It was made in collaboration with Salla from who is also a Potter fan and a super sweet and talented blogger.
I used two medium coats over RBL Recycle

The Jellies

Pumpkin Pasties inspired by the treats sold at the Hogwart Express, who needs Mars bars or M&M's! Is a mix of red, orange, yellow and brown glitter in a milky peachy base. This is an original creation of Carolina, made in a fun afternoon at home.
I used three coats alone with top coat.

Kittens & Teacups inspired by evil Professor Umbridge. Oh I just hate her!!! Behind all her cute little kittens & teacups, real evil is hidden! It has small black squares and hexagonal pastel pink matte glitter in a milky white jelly base. Very soft and delicate. Credits for the name to the lovely Salla!
I used three coats alone and one coat over white for the last picture.

Over white

Dwelling On Dreams inspired by one of the most heartbreaking scenes, with the Mirror of Erised. Harry spent his nights watching his lost family until Dumbledore said these wise words "It does not good to dwell on dreams and forget to live" *sobs* It has aqua, a touch of teal matte, metallic gold glitters in a milky white base. You know I love my turquoises!!
I used three coats alone. I will edit later to add one pic over white.

I hope you liked the colors, the shop is opening today at 7:30pm EST at
You'll find full sizes for $9 and the set of minis for $27. Something important for this first stock is that the polishes will be shipping next week because I couldn't finish the labels( I blame my new printer for that), but everything listed is on stock and "almost" ready.
I also started a FB page for the brand, when you read news and share your pics and thoughts!

And last but definitely not least, I want to say THANK YOU specially to:
Carolina , we started together and only a real friend (and an excellent person)  shows support, encouragement, and love like her. She's one of the most selfless people I know and I will always thank her for being so generous.
Sam for her friendship and always honest opinion.  A beautiful and fun woman behind those flawless nails!
Salla for sharing her HP passion with me, she has such great ideas... and she's a genius with names!
My husband who patiently suffers the fumes of nail polish and the house invaded by bottles :-) I love you!

And thank you all of you for being there!!!!

The "After All This Time" scene.... *dies*

Saturday, December 8, 2012

KBShimmer Elle and Oh Splat!

Hi! I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I've working on a project that I'm going to share with you very soon, but if you follow me on twitter or Instagram.... you already know!
Today I have two KBShimmer polishes to show you, Elle and the famous Oh Splat!
Hola! Perdón por la falta de posts últimamente, vengo trabajando mucho en un proyecto que pronto voy a compartir con ustedes, aunque si me siguen en twitter o Instagram, ya saben de qué se trata!
Hoy tengo para mostrarles dos esmaltes de la marca KBShimmer, Elle y el famoso Oh Splat!. 

 Oh Splat! is a rainbow glitter in a white base. The formula was very easy to use, not streaky and the glitter stayed flat on the nails.  I really love it,  I just can't resist a good white based glitter!! I used 3 coats of Oh Splat!  alone to reach full opacity.
Oh Splat! es un glitter multicolor en base blanca. La fórmula es muy facil de usar, sin vetas y con un glitter que queda plano sobre la uña. Me gusta muchísimo, ya saben que no puedo resistirme a un buen glitter en base blanca! Usé 3 capas de Oh Splat! para que quede totalmente opaco. 

Elle has pink, black and white glitter in a jelly gray base. The formula was a little sheer and very packed with glitter, that's why I preferred to layer it over an opaque creme. I chose Zoya Dove as a base (2 coats) and one coat of Elle.
Elle tiene glitter rosa, blanco y negro en diferentes tamaños sobre una base gris. La fórmula me resultó un poco translúcido y con mucho glitter para usarlo solo, así que puse una capa sobre dos de Zoya Dove (gris clarito). 

That green reflection LOL... where it came from?
I loved both polishes, but Oh Splat was my favorite! I got them directly from KBShimmer website, but if you need international shipping, you can find them at Harlow and Co (free international shipping with $50 purchase!). I recommend you follow them on twitter or facebook to know about restocks and news. If you want to see more KBShimmer, you can't miss Carolina's posts at
Me gustaron los dos, pero mi preferido fue Oh Splat!. Los compré directamente en la página de KBShimmer, pero si necesitan envío internacional, pueden conseguirlos en Harlow and Co, con envío gratis si gastan más de $50!. Les recomiendo que los sigan en twitter o facebook para tener estar actuliazadas sobre restocks y otras novedades. Si quieren ver más esmaltes de esta marca, no se pierdan los posts de Carolina en

I hope you liked them! What do you think about the collage at the beginning? I think I like it more than the bottle pics... But I want to hear your thought too!! Thanks for reading!
Espero que les hayan gustado! Qué piensan del collage del principio? A mi me parece que me gusta más que las fotos de las botellitas... pero me gustaría saber su opinión también!! Gracias por pasar!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Etoile New York, Winter in Central Park Collection

Hi! Can you belive it's December already? Where did the year go??
Today I have a new brand for you, Etoile New York nail polishes. Their formula has real diamond dust and of course they're ideal for special occasions.
The Winter in Central Park Collection consists in three beautiful and shimmery shades, very classic but not boring at all!!
Hola! Pueden creer que ya es Diciembre? Dónde se fue el año??
Hoy tengo una nueva marca para mostrarles, Etoile New York. Su fórmula tiene polvo de diamantes y por supuesto son ideales para ocasiones especiales.
La colección Winter in Central Park esta formada por tres colores muy lindos y brillantes, clásicos pero no por eso aburridos!! 

I love a nice packaging! 

Frosted Berry is a raspberry pink/red with iridescent shimmer. Very pigmented, opaque in two coats and super sparkly!
Frosted Berry es frambuesa intenso con shimmer iridiscente. Muy pigmentado y opaco en dos capas.

Asscher takes tis name from the famous diamond shape. It's an off white/ivory jelly with the same reflective shimmer. Perfect for a sparkly French. I used it alone and it was quite opaque in three coats (in my pics you can see more VNL than in real life).   The formula was not streaky at all, so you can do only one coat to have a nice glow in your nails for a clean look. I have to try a jelly sandwich, it would be perfect!
Asscher toma su nombre del clásico corte de diamante. Es un jelly blanco marfil con el mismo shimmer iridiscente. Perfecto para una French con brillo. Yo lo usé solo en tres capas y resultó bastante opaco, mucho más de lo que parece en las fotos. La fórmula me pareció muy buena y pareja, al no dejar vetas puede usarse una sola capa para agregar un poco de brillo a las uñas y conseguir un look prolijo. Tengo que probar un jelly sandwich, seguramente va a quedar muy bien!

Reservoir is a light and wintery grey, with the shimmer given by the diamond dust. Opaque in two coats, I loved that it wasn't frosty, no danger of Grandma hands here! I was going to compare it with China glaze Elephant Walk, but when I put the bottles side by side, they were really different. EW is more green based, while Reservoir has a strong blue undertone.
Reservoir es un gris claro muy invernal, con un fuerte shimmer dado por el polvo de diamantes. opaco en dos capas, lo mejor es que no tiene aspecto frost, no hay peligro de manos de abuela jaja!! Iba a compararlo con Elephant Walk de China Glaze, pero al mirar las botellitas una al lado de la otra, resultaron muy diferentes. EW es mas verdoso y Reservoir en cambio tiene un fuerte tono azulado. 

I loved all the shades, the formula was great and easy to use. Browsing their website, I saw they have a cute Bridal set with minis for the bride's maids! Such a great idea!
Overall I really liked the polishes and the idea behind the brand. They are focused on special occasions like weddings, when you don't want to wear your everyday polish. They are very work appropriate too, so no need to wait for your wedding day... or if you're already married like me lol!
Etoile polishes can be purchased at their website and they retail $18 each.
What do you think? Are you loving the idea of something fancy and special for a big day? What did you wear on your wedding day? I had a classic French mani! Thanks for reading!

These polishes were sent me by Etoile for my honest review

Me gustaron mucho los colores, la fórmula es muy buena y facil de usar. Mirando es su web encontré que tienen sets para novias, por ejemplo uno con minis para las madrinas! Qué buena idea!! 
En conclusión, me parecieron lindos colores con una buena idea detrás de la marca. Están enfocados en ocasiones especiales como casamientos, cuando una no quiere usar lo mismo que todos los días. Son colores apropiados para la oficina o trabajos más tradicionales, así que no hay necesidad de esperar al día del casamiento... o si ya están casadas como yo jaja!!
Los esmaltes Etoile pueden conseguirse en y salen $18 cada uno. 
Qué les parecen? Les gusta la idea de usar algo especial para un día importante? Qué usaron para su casammiento? Yo usé una French clásica! Gracias por pasar! 

Los esmaltes de este post fueron mandados por Etoile para review.