Friday, December 14, 2012

Introducing White Owl Lacquers' first collection: After All This Time

Hello my friends! Today I have the most exciting post I've ever written, because I'm going to show you a new indie brands, which happens to be.... MINE!!!
I've been working for a lot of months and finally I'm ready to show you White Owl Lacquers' first collection called "After All This Time"
This was a dream that started with Carolina from but unfortunately we don't live in the same city, so it was very difficult to work together. Caroline continued helping me and giving me her support and I'm blessed to have her as my friend.
But let's see the colors!

"After All This Time" was inspired by the world of Harry Potter. Some loves and hurts can defeat time, and will be a part of us ALWAYS. (I hope you all know the quote but if not, I'm sharing a little video so you can cry with me)

The collection is formed by six shades, three glitter top coats in clear base and three jellies than can we used alone or over a base color. All the pics after the read more button!

Collage courtesy of

The top coats

Basilisk Venom inspired by the king of snakes, is a mix of different sizes and shapes of black glitter, some red, yellow, orange and copper,  all in a clear base with copper shimmer.
I layered it over different colors to show you today

Over Chanel Malice

Over Essie Pennie Talk

Over white

Over silver

Phoenix Tears inspired by Fawkes, their magical powers can heal any wound (even with Basilisk venom!)... is a mix of white snowy glitter, a touch of blue, green and purple glitter in a clear base with aqua shimmer.
I layered it over light and dark colors so you can see the different effect.

Over Deborah Lippman Let's Hear It for the Boy

Over Lime Crime Skittles

Over Chanel Blue Rebel

Moony inspired by werewolf professor Lupin to give extra protection in full moon nights, is a super sparkly mix of silver, gunmetal and black glitter in different sizes and shapes. You can use a very thin coat for a subtle look or two medium coats to bring all the shine. It was made in collaboration with Salla from who is also a Potter fan and a super sweet and talented blogger.
I used two medium coats over RBL Recycle

The Jellies

Pumpkin Pasties inspired by the treats sold at the Hogwart Express, who needs Mars bars or M&M's! Is a mix of red, orange, yellow and brown glitter in a milky peachy base. This is an original creation of Carolina, made in a fun afternoon at home.
I used three coats alone with top coat.

Kittens & Teacups inspired by evil Professor Umbridge. Oh I just hate her!!! Behind all her cute little kittens & teacups, real evil is hidden! It has small black squares and hexagonal pastel pink matte glitter in a milky white jelly base. Very soft and delicate. Credits for the name to the lovely Salla!
I used three coats alone and one coat over white for the last picture.

Over white

Dwelling On Dreams inspired by one of the most heartbreaking scenes, with the Mirror of Erised. Harry spent his nights watching his lost family until Dumbledore said these wise words "It does not good to dwell on dreams and forget to live" *sobs* It has aqua, a touch of teal matte, metallic gold glitters in a milky white base. You know I love my turquoises!!
I used three coats alone. I will edit later to add one pic over white.

I hope you liked the colors, the shop is opening today at 7:30pm EST at
You'll find full sizes for $9 and the set of minis for $27. Something important for this first stock is that the polishes will be shipping next week because I couldn't finish the labels( I blame my new printer for that), but everything listed is on stock and "almost" ready.
I also started a FB page for the brand, when you read news and share your pics and thoughts!

And last but definitely not least, I want to say THANK YOU specially to:
Carolina , we started together and only a real friend (and an excellent person)  shows support, encouragement, and love like her. She's one of the most selfless people I know and I will always thank her for being so generous.
Sam for her friendship and always honest opinion.  A beautiful and fun woman behind those flawless nails!
Salla for sharing her HP passion with me, she has such great ideas... and she's a genius with names!
My husband who patiently suffers the fumes of nail polish and the house invaded by bottles :-) I love you!

And thank you all of you for being there!!!!

The "After All This Time" scene.... *dies*


  1. Mara,
    Today I got my first bottle of your polish. I wore it last night and today took some good pictures. I will be reviewing it tomorrow or Monday. I will also post it in Facebook. I belong to Latina Bloggers. They are pretty big. I've never posted anything there but I hope it will give your polish some good exposure. I wish you so much success on this venture it appears you have worked very hard and I hope it pays off.
    Patty Greenberg


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